Repurpose your lonely instruments

We can reimagine any instrument into functional decor

• Can’t bear to get rid of Grandma’s old upright piano? 

• Is Grandpa’s fiddle collecting dust?

• Still hanging onto your baby’s first guitar?

It’s hard to part with sentimental family heirlooms, especially when they’re sitting unplayed and taking up space. Transform them into lighting, furniture or artwork and keep those memories alive.

Preserving Family Memories

Eric had a beautiful old 1969 Framus guitar his uncle gave him when he was ten years old. He hated seeing it languish in the back of the closet but had no idea what to do with it until he discovered Iannuzzi & Sons. A bit of elbow grease and polish and Ted was able to bring it back to its former glory—only this time as a functional guitar lamp. Eric is now able to pay tribute to his uncle’s special gift and enjoy it in a whole new way.

“From the back of the closet to hanging up on the wall. Thanks again so much!”

Eric D., Ontario, Canada

We’d be so honoured to reimagine your old instruments into custom pieces that will be forever treasured. Send us your guitars, drums, pianos and more and let’s talk about how we can make them shine.

Wrap our old drum set or guitar

• In a band and want to change the look of your kit?

• Want to give your favorite guitar a new image?

We offer high quality full colour vinyl custom wrapping services. Solid colours, metallics or custom artwork or patterns. All custom work is quoted based on the number of items and any artwork requirements. 


Tell us about your cherished heirloom to get started!